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Covid 19 Sanitiser Service


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We are proud to introduce the NEW GENERATION infection control product for all your vehicle and premises needs.

BioSecure Transport is a complete sanitisation system that delivers: 

  • 99.999% kill rate of COVID 19 and up to 200 other viruses, bacteria and spores instantly

  • Keeps on working for 27 days on all treated surfaces

  • Treated surfaces kill any infectious matter that touches them

  • Air recirculation systems are treated

  • Heated mist delivery for a touchless disinfection

  • It is a non allergenic formula

  • Leaves no smell or residue

  • Non toxic to people, animals or plants

Superior performance over other systems, such as fogging machines, sanitiser bombs etc that are currently available.

Certificate of conformity available 

From a multi million pound hypercar to your daily driver, we are all at risk from the harmful bacteria and viruses that exist in the transport environment.


We understand the implications that COVID 19  the varied Pathogens have on your wellbeing and Biosecurity of your vehicle or premises. To that extent, we have utilised the latest technology in Infection Control to deliver a superior grade product with extensive application - proven to eliminate all types of fungus, spores, bacteria, viruses and mould.


Besides being a powerful disinfectant - Our DEFRA approved Genie BIO Mist (GBM) is totally biodegradable to Water and Oxygen which renders it one of the SAFEST DISINFECTANTS available and releases a large amount of OXYGEN into the environment thus improving the internal air quality and well being of the passenger/driver, with no need for rinsing.

The patented BIO Mist is administered via an air assisted Thermostatic gun which heats up the solution to enable the active ingredient to rise and enabling the full coverage of the treated area. In the case of a vehicle, under seats, air vents, headlining and hard to reach areas are also covered, along with the air recirculation system are also sanitised where they may had been previously been missed.


Unwanted or accidental contact can carry bacteria and viruses around very hard to reach surfaces, so the coverage of such areas should not go untreated.

Do you have a fleet of corporate cars, vans, taxis or coaches, light aircraft or marine vehicles?

Are you a small business owner who rents or owns premises such as retail, beauty, food industry cafes, bars and restaurant, offices, gyms etc?

Please contact to discuss sanitising these for your staff and clients safety.

For more information please visit BioSecure Transport

For frequently asked questions visit FAQs | Genie Bio Clean (

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