For those who want the best possible car care service for there vehicle

Having your car detailed is the only way to make it look its absolute best. From wash induced swirls that dull the paints gloss, paint holograms caused by previous "bad" polishing attempts by hand or machine, to restoring faded paint to new with gloss you thought was lost forever, I can restore it and more.

Choose from several detailing options below that suit your vehicle the most, then contact me to arrange a no obligation estimate, if you require a bespoke package please ask as no two details are the same and each clients needs are different.

Protection Detail

You may think your vehicles paint is tough and resists the elements, but without a form of surface protection it will soon look dull, tired and unappealing. This is more than a simple wash and polish/wax most people think will suffice. It involves a thorough decontamination of your vehicles surfaces, paint, glass, rubbers and plastics.


This decontamination is the basis for every detail as it prepares the paint for polishing by stripping away all contamination to leave a bare surface to polish then protect. I like to use an example: Just as you would not expect a skilled decorator to just paint over a dirty, old flaking surface, as before long your new paint would be flaking off, it would need to be prepared first.


  1. Multi stage wash, including pre wash snow foam to soften all the dirt on the surface and to remove a layer of grime, pressure wash rinse, 2 bucket wash with grit guards and a pure no wax shampoo and lambs wool mitt.

  2. Wheels cleaned ( face and inner rim if accessible) with safe non acid wheel cleaners and various brushes and mitts with separate bucket with grit guard.

  3. Vehicle rinsed and dried with plush microfiber towels.

  4. Multi stage decontamination consisting of, a solvent to remove road tar, tree sap and other organic contaminants, the removal of fall out by chemical means and by clay bar and towel. This will remove tiny particles of iron, such as brake dust amongst other things embedded in your vehicles paint and other surfaces to leave a silky smooth, glass like finish. Vehicle is washed and dried between each stage.

  5. Painted surfaces hand polished with a light chemical cleaner and glaze to prepare the paint for protection.

  6. 1 coat of a premium Carnuaba wax or paint sealant that can last several months.

  7. Alloy wheels protected with a sealant to slow down brake dust build up for 6-8 weeks.

  8. Chrome and exhausts polished and protected.

  9. Plastic trim and tyres dressed.

  10. Exterior windows polished.

  11. Final inspection.



N.B. A garage would be ideal to work in as the vehicle needs to be dry for this detail.




Ceramic Coat Protection Detail - Do you want Year long protection, along with minor scratch resistance

Premium Nano ceramic sealant - it lasts longer than a wax or sealant, beads and sheets water better thus keeping your car cleaner, that bit longer £10. .


Premium Ceramic Wax - A hybrid of exotic waxes and Sio2, the main ingredient in ceramic coatings.

giving the warm glow of a wax and the incredible beading & sheeting of ceramics. £10 per layer


Wheel coating - we will use one of THE most durable wheel coatings available its semi permanent, a glass like ceramic  layer protects your wheels from corrosion caused by brake dust, as it just wont stick. Durability: 2 years plus.

From £65 Face only/ Inner rim (if accessible) from £100


Rain repellent - A very durable wiper proof aid to safer driving by improved visibility.

Durability: up to 6 months

£15 Windscreen/£35 all


Revive faded plastic trim to a factory finish.

Durability 1 year plus!

From £15

Convertible roof clean and protect - If your car has fabric roof then it is exposed to the elements, even if garaged, it gets dirty each time its taken for a drive. It will be thoroughly and safely cleaned, then after it has dried it will be receive a durable coat of waterproof protection from the elements. From £70 .

Enhancement Detail

This will restore your paints gloss to almost "as new" levels by the removal of  fine scratches, scuffs and swirls caused by incorrect washing. A very fine finishing polish will be applied via a dual action machine polisher, this will remove a microscopic layer of your paints clear coat, often referred to as "lacquer" but modern paints have a clear layer of paint over the coloured paint to lock it in place, this is where the damage lies. This type of detail can remove up to 70% of swirls and marks in the paint, which will greatly improve your vehicles appearance.


The process involves all the steps of preparation in the protection detail, but instead of hand polishing, it will be machine polished using a finishing/1 step polish and foam pads to give the enhancement needed.


Once polished the paint will be wiped down with ipa/panel wipe or another brand of paint prep to remove any polishing oils that may remain, and dust to give a true picture of what has been achieved.

Vehicle will have a final rinse and dry then a choice of paint protection will be applied.

  1. Carnuaba wax. This is the best naturally derived paint protection products available. It is best suited to non metallic colours and gives a warm, deep gloss to paint. Durability: Up to 6 Months (Dependant if vehicle is garaged and washed with correct products)

  2. Paint Sealant. This is a synthetic product made of chemical polymers. Sealants best suit metallic paint or white coloured solid paint, and give a glassy high gloss finish. Durability: Up to 6 Months (Dependant if vehicle is garaged and washed with correct products)

  3. Nano Ceramic Coating. (Priced separately from £125 )This is the next generation of protection, where as wax and sealants protect paint from UV rays that damage paint and other pollution, bird lime, tree sap etc, they only do it to a certain extent and only for a short while. A nano ceramic coating can protect the paint from everything that a wax or sealant can do but also resist, to and extent,  physical damage such as, wash induced swirls, light scuffs and scratches as well as chemical resistance, Durability: from 1-3 YEARS.

  4. Some of these coatings require a dry environment to be applied in and to cure also for up to 12 hours such as a garage.


Duration: 1 Day+ (9+ hours per day)

Prices from £199.00

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