Why not take a look at these other services we offer alongside valeting and detailing to further restore, enhance and protect your vehicle

Headlight restoration

Have your headlights hazed over time? Once transparent now dull and yellowed, not only making them unappealing but dangerous! Plastic headlights lose there clarity over time due to UV rays damaging the plastic, this results in the lenses emitting less light and can fail the vehicles MOT. See some examples before and after. Once restored they are treated with a UV blocking coating.

Prices start from £25 per light

Before Restoration
After Restoration
Nano Ceramic Coatings
Scuff Removal

Nano Ceramic Coatings really are the must have protection for your vehicle, as it stops UV light from fading and dulling paint, no need to polish your car, protects against bird lime etching plus more! All surfaces can be coated by them, paint, glass, plastic trim, wheel rims, even leather and fabric. They enhance and protect longer than conventional products such as wax and sealants.


A popular option is to have your wheel rims coated to stop brake dust burning into the paint and ruining the look of your wheels

Exterior plastics can be treated also to restore faded trim, or enhance and protect new trim.

Prices start from

Wheel Faces from £50

Plastic trim from £15

Paint coating from £125

Over time its inevitable that you will pick up the odd scuff and scrape on your vehicles paint or bumpers. Most can be removed and will be barely visible, without the need for costly paint repairs.

Prices start from £10 on top of any service.

An example of what can be achieved

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