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Having your vehicle cleaned regularly will not only make it look smart , but will help it to stay looking newer longer, helping to hold its value
  For new clients who haven't had there car cleaned regularly I recommend at least a full valet to bring your car up to standard then maintain it with a mini valet . 
Why not choose our ULTIMATE VALET to really make your car shine and benefit from all round exterior protection.
All Prices based on a small car, please ask for price for your sized car.
Want 4+ vehicles valeting at the same time? Please call for discount prices.

Mini Valet - from £25

For a General clean in and out


  1. Pre wash

  2. Power wash rinse including arches

  3. 1 bucket wash with grit filter and  microfibre mitt 

  4. Door Sills cleaned

  5. Wheels cleaned with non acid cleaner

  6. Rinsed with aquawax then dried with microfiber towel.

  7. Windows cleaned in and out

  8. Interior vacuumed (inc boot if empty)

  9. Leather/plastics wiped down

  10. Air freshner if desired

  11. Tyres dressed


Full Interior Valet - from £45

For stain removal on upholstery


  1. Thorough vaccum including boot

  2. Seats, door cards, mats and carpets shampooed with warm water

  3. Powerful water extractor vacuum used to removed shampoo from upholstery

  4. Leather Cleaned and treated

  5. Plastic surfaces cleaned and dressed

  6. Rubbish removed

  7. Air freshner if desired


Premium Mini Valet - From 45.00 For gleaming paint choose this 

As Mini Valet plus

Exterior: Plastics Dressed, Tar spots removed from lower sills and doors plus a polish and wax to clean, hide light swirls and add some protection.

Want the shine to last longer? add a 

Coat of Carnuaba wax £10.00


Coat of Ceramic wax  £20.00


Coat of nano sealant £10.00

To really make your paint shine, it needs to be decontaminated, for that choose the ULTIMATE VALET


Our highest level of valet

An exterior deep clean to give it

a better than  showroom look

Give your vehicle the treatment

it deserves!

  1. Pre wash/Snow foam

  2. Window seals and fuel cap clean

  3. Power wash rinse including arches

  4. Hand wash with premium shampoo, wool wash mitt & two bucket method with grit filters

  5. Door Sills cleaned

  6. Wheel faces & inner rim clean

  7. Rinsed then dried with plush microfiber towel.

  8. Full car tar/tree sap removed 

  9. Metal Contamination removed

  10. Paintwork cleanser applied

  11. A layer of durable wax or nano sealant applied 

  12. Exterior trim dressed

  13. Exterior glass polished

  14. Front Side glass rain repellent applied 

  15. Interior thoroughly vacuumed

  16. Leather upholstery wiped over (If present)

  17. Interior surfaces cleaned & dressed

  18. Interior glass cleaned

  19. Air Freshner if desired

  20. Tyres dressed

  21. Final inspection

Prices from £100 dependent on vehicle size 

Add Clay bar treatment to totally clean your paint from £20

Add interior deep clean to clean leather or remove stains from fabric seats and carpets From £20

Add leather / Fabric protection

from £15

Full Valet - from £60

For a thorough clean in and out


  1. Pre wash/Snow foam

  2. Power wash rinse including arches

  3. Wash and Wax with microfiber mitt

  4. Door Sills cleaned

  5. Wheels cleaned with non acid cleaner

  6. Rinsed then dried with microfiber towel

  7. Spray Wax applied

  8. Windows cleaned in and out

  9. Thorough vacuum including boot if empty.

  10. Seats, door cards, mats and carpets shampooed with warm water

  11. Powerful water extractor vacuum used to removed stains and dirt from upholstery

  12. Leather upholstery cleaned and treated

  13. Plastics cleaned & dressed

  14. Air freshner if desired

  15. Tyres dressed

Add a hand polish & wax to clean your paint, hide light swirls, add gloss and protection From £10

Add a layer of carnauba or ceramic wax or nano sealant  from £10-£20


Leather Clean (Add to mini valet)

From £5.00 per seat

Tar spot removal from £5.00

Tree sap removal from £5.00

Plastic Dressing -

interior/exterior from £5.00

Leather Protection £5.00 per seat

Plastic Trim renewal Ceramic coat  (lasts 12 months) from £20.00

Bio Brisk Odour neutraliser from £10.00

Exhaust pipe polish from £5.00

Price dependant on size, number and condition of exhaust. 

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