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Ceramic coatings 

Ceramic coatings , everyone's using them, but what is it?

Once used to protect paint on rockets and space shuttles from extremes of temperature. Its been available for over a decade to protect your vehicles paint, wheels and glass from the elements 

Wax was your usual paint protection, and still is useful especially for classic cars, but it has to be applied regularly, its time consuming and doesn't really protect your paint from the elements that dull and damage it, such as UV rays, bug spatter and bird muck all which damage your paint, then there is road tar, tree sap which build up over time that ruined the appearance of your car and have to be removed with harsh chemicals.

All these things can be protected against with a ceramic coating and it also increases gloss levels of your paint, helps your vehicle stay cleaner longer, due to its non stick properties, less maintenance required and will ultimately keep your vehicle looking newer for longer. 

We offer Coating with manufacturers warranties

Ceramic coatings are available to you the consumer, but they do require a certain amount of skill and experience to use as if applied improperly they can only be removed by machine polishing ,and ultimately don't offer any warranty, just durability claims of 1 to several years and certainly no warranty against improper application. 

Zirconite offer industry standard ceramic coatings made in there factory in the northwest ,they cant be bought by the consumer ensure there high standards. Only trained detailers can apply them ensuring correct application and they offer manufacturers warranties on coating from 2-10 years. 

All there products are manufactured and supplied in complete accordance to industry  BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 accredited standards (SGS) and are in full compliance with the latest Global Harmonised System (CLP EU Directives) & REACH 

T K Mobile Valet and Detailing Ceramic coating liverpool
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