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Premium mini valet


For a light refresh in and out

Exterior multistage wash & protect

Interior basic clean - vacuum, surface dust, glass, tyres dressed, rubbish removed, air freshener, paper floor mat

£55 Small, £60 Medium, £70 + Large 

Ultimate valet

Detail inspection wash.jpg

Want that showroom look again?

As Premium mini valet +

Exterior multistage deep clean to paint wheels and glass to remove road tar, tree sap, brake dust, chrome/exhaust tip polish, up to 6 months paint sealant protection (if maintained properly)

£110 Small, £120 Medium, £130 Large

Add Deep clean valet (Interior) £50

Add 1 year ceramic coating from £60

Headlight Restoration



Brings hazed, cloudy headlights back to like new.

Making them safe and wont fail the MOT

Sanded, polished and ceramic coated

From £30 per light 

Deep clean valet


A transformation for your interior 

As Premium mini valet +

Intensive vacuum, upholstery shampoo to remove stains, leather deep clean, hard plastic matt look surface dress

£100 Small, £120 Medium, £130+ Large 

Maintenance valet


Maintain that Deep clean/ultimate valet? 

Become a regular with a 2/4/6 weekly vehicle clean

Multistage safe wash & all surface protect top up, tyres dressed

Detailed vacuum clean, surface dust and dress, glass cleaned, rubbish removed, air freshener, paper floor mat


£40 Small, £45 Medium, £55 Large

Fabric roof clean & protect

convertible roof after.jpg

Convertible roof clean and protect

A deep clean to restore your roof and keep it that way

From £70 Inspection required otherwise Price on arrival

Valet Services

Time to book in 

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