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Buying or leasing a new car? Offered an expensive "Lifetime paint protection" option at the dealerships?

Unfortunately these "lifetime" products aren't what there made out to be.

1. They are ridiculously overpriced inferior quality products that cost only a few pounds and that only last a few weeks at best.

2. They aren't applied to a clean surface to bond properly, the vehicle is just washed and dried but not             decontaminated.

3. The staff mainly don't have the knowledge needed to prepare a vehicle and if they do, they aren't         allowed to take the time needed to prepare the paint and apply the product properly.

Choose T K Mobile Valet & Detailing to prepare your new vehicle properly and give it the best start with 14 years of skill in car care and proven paint protection products. We have a variety of packages to suit different needs and budgets. As one of Zirconite UK Accredited Detailers we offer professional only products to use on your vehicle.

ZQ9H ceramic coating offers 4 years protection extendable to 10 years with additional top coats.

Benefits of the coating

Permanent bond quartz (glass) coating

High gloss, multi-surface protection
Advanced chemical & corrosion resistance: unaffected by repeated washing cycles from ph2 to ph13.5.

Durable: single coat additional layers can extend life and durability can also be top coated with ZC Boosta.
Forms permanent bond to all surfaces: coating can only be removed by abrasion.

Oxidation and UV resistant
Scratch resistant: pencil test hardness 9h.
Increases & protects gloss levels
Dramatic water repelling properties: minimises water spotting.

Super hydrophobic nano “lotus-leaf effect” ensures surfaces stay cleaner for longer, repelling dirt and soiling even in the harshest climates.

Zirconite products are manufactured and supplied in complete accordance to industry  BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 accredited standards (SGS) and are in full compliance with the latest Global Harmonised System (CLP EU Directives) & REACH.

Contact us to arrange this detail at our unit or at the dealership prior to pick, tell them not to wash the car, as they will damage your new paint!

You may think your vehicles paint is tough and resists the elements, but without a form of surface protection it will soon look dull, tired and unappealing. This is more than a simple wash and polish/wax most people think will suffice. It involves a thorough decontamination of your vehicles surfaces, paint, glass, rubbers and plastics followed by machine polishing to the paint and a high quality paint protection product.


This decontamination is the basis for every detail as it prepares the paint for polishing by stripping away all contamination to leave a bare surface to polish then protect. I like to use an example: Just as you would not expect a skilled decorator to just paint over a dirty, old flaking surface, as before long your new paint would be flaking off, it would need to be prepared first.


  1. Multi stage wash, including pre wash snow foam to soften all the dirt on the surface and to remove a layer of grime, citrus pre wash,  pressure wash rinse, 2 bucket wash with grit guards and a pure no wax shampoo and mitt.

  2. Wheels cleaned (face and inner rim if accessible) with safe non acid wheel cleaners and various brushes and mitts with separate bucket with grit guard.

  3. Vehicle rinsed, dried with Warm air and plush microfiber towels.

    1. Multi stage decontamination consisting of, a solvent to remove road tar, tree sap and other organic contaminants, the removal of fall out by chemical means and by clay bar. This will remove tiny particles of iron, such as brake dust amongst other things embedded in your vehicles paint and other surfaces to leave a silky smooth, glass like finish. Choose from 

  4. Painted surfaces machine polished with a fine finishing polish to remove light swirls and marks and greatly improve gloss or

  5. Painted surfaces machine polished with a fine finishing polish to prepare the paint for its protection.

  6. Application premium Carnuaba wax or paint sealant that can last up to 3 months-dependent on aftercare.

  7. Alloy wheels protected with a nano sealant.

  8. Chrome and exhausts polished and protected.

  9. Plastic trim and tyres dressed.

  10. Exterior windows polished and coated with a short term rain repellent.

  11. Interior vacuum, surface & glass clean, leather or fabric upholstery protected with a coating

  12. Final inspection.


PRICE: FROM £ 150 without machine polish.

From £250 with machine polish

N.B. This detail is best done under cover or can be done at the car dealership.



Ceramic surface protection by Zirconite

The ULTIMATE protection. If you want your car to look like the day you bought it 1 or even 10 years later this is for you.

By coating your vehicle with a ceramic product it will stay protected from light scratches and swirling with 9h hardness, UV fading, Bird muck scarring(if removed asap) tar and tree sap dont stick to it, incredible gloss, self cleaning effect, 1-10 years of durability not months.

Durability: 6 month coating from £50.

1 year ZC Boosta coating from £85.

4 year ZQ9H coating from £200 extendable to 10 years with a yearly top up.

Convertible roof protect - If your car has fabric roof then it is going to be exposed to the elements, even if garaged, it gets dirty each time its taken for a drive. Application of a durable coat of waterproof protection from the elements.

Durability: 6 months

From £50

Ceramic wheel coating - A durable wheel coating,  its semi permanent, a glass like ceramic layer protects your wheels from corrosion caused by brake dust, as it just wont stick. Durability: 1 year plus.

From £90 Face only/ Inner rim (if accessible) from £120

Rain repellent - A very durable wiper proof aid to safer driving by improved visibility.

Durability: up to 6 months on windscreen, up to 9 months+ on side windows

Windscreen £20 / all windows £45


Interior Protection

The interior of your vehicle needs protecting too

Fabric coating to stop spills from soaking into the fabrics and causing stains From £20

Leather coating that forms a semi-permanent, invisible barrier that prevents dye transfer from over dye denim etc and stain build on leather from £20

Traditional Paint Protection

Svissvax - A premium hand made high content pure Brazilian Carnauba wax gives a high gloss wax, show car finish from £15 per layer 

Ceramic Wax - A Carnuaba and ceramic hybrid wax that has the high gloss looks from wax mixed with the durability of ceramic elements from £20

Premium Ceramic Wax - A hybrid of exotic waxes and Sio2, the main ingredient in ceramic coatings.

giving the warm glow of a wax and the incredible beading & sheeting of ceramics. £10 per layer 

advanced coating that forms a semi-perminant, invisible barrier that prevents dye transfer and stain build on leather advanced coating that forms a semi-perminant, invisible barrier that prevents dye transfer and stain build on leather

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