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Ceramic Coating

Ultimate Surface Protection

Welcome to T K Mobile Valet and Detailing

Expert Unit based car detailing in Lydiate & high end mobile valeting in Liverpool, Merseyside, Southport

and the North West. 

Why choose us?

  • Unit based & Mobile unit

  • Established 2007

  • Reliable, honest and trustworthy

  • Accredited by Zirconite UK to apply there Ceramic coatings with warranty.

  • Safe wash techniques used

  • Only finest products used

  • WHEELUV alloy wheel protector fitter

  • Fully insured

Established in 2007 the business is owner operated by Tim. Over the years I have researched the best methods and constantly try the latest products to find the best and only use these on your vehicle, using my years of knowledge in car care you can be sure that I will treat your car with utmost care, to make it look like new and keep it that way.


We are Accredited Zirconite UK Detailers in Liverpool. They offer UK made industry tested and certified Ceramic quartz coatings for your vehicle to keep it looking like new for years. Being able to apply there coatings, with durability of 2 to10 years offering Manufacturers guarantee , only when applied by us, an accredited detailer.














We are WHEELUV alloy wheel protectors certified installers. They protect your wheels from kerb damage caused by parking, saving you money and the hassle of costly repairs. 


Some key area's of car care we cover.

  • Vehicle detailing which include:

  • Paint Decontamination. Your vehicle's exterior is bombarded by road tar, tree sap, dead bugs and iron fallout from brake dust and pollution in the atmosphere. All this cant be removed by washing, so it needs a safe deep clean to reveal bare, smooth paint.

  • Paint correction by machine polishing. To enhance and bring new life to your vehicles paint by removing swirl marks or oxidised, faded paint.

  • Paint protection. If you plan to purchase or lease a new vehicle and want to avoid the high cost and low quality of service offered at dealerships.

  • Manufacturers guaranteed backed paint protection by Zirconite.

  • Ceramic coatings. The latest surface technology to protect your paint, wheels and other surfaces from the elements, that last for years not weeks or months.

  • Headlight restoration

  • High end car valeting. Exterior and interior cleaning, fabric upholstery stain removal, leather upholstery deep cleaning, vehicle signage/graphic removal

  • Paint scuff removal/ Scratch removal, reduction

  • Convertible roof cleaning and protection   

what ever service your choose you can trust it will be done to the highest standard.


Having your vehicle detailed will takes years off its looks, not add years to it, like the vast majority of car valets and car washes that use bad wash techniques and harsh chemicals that quickly damage your paint and other surfaces.

Having a new vehicle detailed will enhance and protect it from day one.


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