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What is Detailing?

Detailing is a term widely used in America to describe car care, from a basic clean which we in the UK we would call a car valet, to restoring faded and swirled paint to better than new and show car ready to take part and win in the many car shows in the US.

Detailing picks up where car valeting ends. It goes beyond the basic services offered in full a valet, which will usually only wash and use a basic polish and wax on your cars paint then clean the interior that may take a few hours to complete, to a detail lasting one or more days using the finest products and perfected methods.

Vehicle detailing that I offer involves taking a vehicle new or used and by many stages of paint decontamination and assessment by various light sources to locate paint swirls and defects, then remove them safely by a dual action (da) machine polisher using varying grades of polishing pads and polishes remove a microscopic layer of paint to produce a finish most think isn't possible, leaving paint looking better than on a new car and helping it stay that way by topping it with high quality carnuaba wax, paint sealant or a nano ceramic coating .

From commercial vehicles-super cars, all will benefit greatly from my detailing services.

Becoming more popular in the UK, as car care enthusiasts realise the benefits of having their vehicle detailed, so what are they?

Enhancing and protecting the value of your investment, as your car is usually the second biggest investment after buying a house.

By having your car detailed and maintained regularly will not only keep your car looking amazing and like new, as who doesn't love the feeling of a clean vehicle, but will help keep its resale value as high as possible.

Zirconite uk accredited detailer
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