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Save your alloys!


We’ve all been there. You were aiming to park nice and close to the kerb with precision that would make Lewis Hamilton proud. But then you heard it… The painful sound of scrapping and scratching against the concrete. Ouch! But don’t worry. It happens to the best drivers, and we’ve got you covered with WHEELUV™ Alloy Protectors.

We are certified installers of WHEELUV™ alloy wheel protectors. They ​are proven to reduce the risk of wheel damage during an impact with the kerbs when parking your car, save the cost and hassle of getting your wheels repaired or replaced.

​The benefits of having WHEELUV™ fitted to your vehicle

  • Helps protect your alloy wheels

  • Discreet & stylish

  • OEM quality standards

  • Cover over existing kerb damage

  • Loves diamond cut wheels​​

  • Compatible with run flat tyres

  • Available in 5 colours to blend or stand out

  • Colours remain stable​​

  • Won’t damage your wheels

  • Tyre change compatible

  • Save money on costly wheel repairs

  • Backed by a 1 year guarantee

Robust protection

The polymers used to create the protector and structural clip are entirely bespoke to us with class leading anti-UV modifiers added. They are the same type of polymers that are used to make train buffers – yes, they’re that impact resistant!

Zero wheel balance

No effect on wheel balance so your car will handle just like normal. We are so confident about this we even had Hunter Pro-Align, who are considered the gold standard by most vehicle manufacturers, put WHEELUV’s effect on wheel balance to the test!

The specially formulated pigments that provide the depth of colour needed to blend with the wheel finish are guaranteed not to fade. Intertek Quality Assurance experts subjected WHEELUV™ to 5 year accelerated aging tests, including Xenon Arc Weather conditions. All components have been compatibility tested to withstand fuel, oil, brake fluid, all major types of wheel cleaners, acids, bases, and other workshop products to ensure colour and functionality are unaffected.

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